Is Windows 9 coming soon?

Windows are struggling for a big issue, Windows 7 and 8 are not upgrading even when Windows xp support were over since one month before. It seem they could be preparing windows 9 since windows 8 were not  very well for many xp users, which mohe them to create a new system thinking in a desktop more friendly with traditional users. Windows 8.1 was release just in october, this added traditional options like starting button option and booting up the desktop. Of course there are a problem still to resolve, aparently Windows 9 would not be launch until october of this year.

For a while Windows expect xp users come to zero since the sould have a big struggle with malware developers stopped until now for Windows support constantly effort, but not anymore. So this is last option windows have to make people dessert from his old operative system.

This mean users with old hardware should be bound to upgrade it and use windows 7 (only windows operative system how can compare to xp in stability) or at least that’s expect for microsoft. But virus enterprises would keep making upgrades for windows xp so there should be a real option to keep in the old OS for few more time.