Jan Koum, an epic life

The world keep changing, many people used to miss old things, but in general it’s true that we leave in the best world this society has ever seen. Most of people have education and internet service and the rate increase every day, wars came down (there are still many but less than before), racism in most of countries is minimal. But one of things I love to the world today, and looking history it was really hard to find in the past, is people can became rich just with talent and hard work.-and without crime of course-, at least the proportion seem to increase.

When Jan Koum was you he and his family escaped from ucranian government crackdown. Established into America things were not too much easy. His family colleted food stamp to survive. He come from a jew family and had no money when arrived to US. Keep learning computer programming  reading book for himself, even after its troubles United States keep like one of best places to succed, Jan Koum is a real instance of that.

After few years working to yahoo he and his friend Acton saw a great oportunity in the Apple App Store, created whatsApp and the rest of history you already know it.


what’s up facebook?

In a truly surprise movement facebook buy the meassing application after $19 billion deal. what would be thinking zuckenberg? I mean its not like buy for a promise and profitable company, but we can’t let think about what akward conbination can we make linking facebook and what’sapp. First we talk about the wicked facebook, the over-use advertisements, NSA friend, user collecter information. 

Seems clear suckenberg wants to expand but this represent a big deal to us how wants to enjoy many alternatives. Society never would enjoy consequences of monopolize practice companies use to do in order to ensure their earnings. So even when in short time facebook do nothing (or at least nothing meaning) it’s would tend to create long term damage for messaging users. Generally lack of deviersification became a big issue.


bitcoin and the next financial crisis

Bitcoin its growing, the recent bitcoin open store in hong kong we can add the expansive market between little enterprises. Still is far to resolve any real problem like many people hope, for a while its main market is compose to snobbiest (or criminals, or profiters) but thats can change in few months. Golden sach in his last report warrent about new big financial crisis. Seems to me like we would need see over bitcoin one more time, like cyprus made. 


new increased adoption detected?

Unfortunately we already know how government proceed when we talk about banking wishes. They would try to stop bitcoin adoption, society need to be beware about next step in this meaning.