Russia next move prepared?

The Ukranian black sea peninsula should take a big decision in the next 10 days, join or not to Russia. The accelerated movement respond to the pressure Europe and US government put to stop Russian forces. European leader’s gathered to find a effective way to pressure Russia leaders. US president Barac Obama already took step to punish to those how threat the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine, he would order freeze their US assets and ban travels to his country.

US beside has taking military steps with navy-missile destroyer heading to black sea. This announcement is most serious confrontation since cold war end. But times ha change, Russia it’s not any more a socialist republic, their stock fell and ruble weakened futher after recent event. For a while Ukranian government has said Crimea independent referendum is not legal. They will receive two questions, should be Crimea part of the Russian federation or should Crimea return to an earlier constitution?. 

Crimea citizens  should decide if join to Russia or not. They has a moral liberty to select the best way but they really now Russia is a dictatorship? really want to lose their sovereign? I think an own country seem to be best decision but seem they want to join russia in the same way many people in another century select keeping like slaves and not take their right to freedom.


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